A child is arrived

Ermanno Tedeschi

M argherita is a sculptor, a special person with uncommon sensitivity and energy, appreciated in the years for the quality of her wonderful work but also for the extraordinary message of serenity, peace and sweetness transmitted by her Raku clay creatures. The delicacy of the shapes in her artworks, the care for the details and the choice of the colors have enchanted many people; ultimately in particular a love between Turin and the roman artist is born.
The first Turinese stop of Margherita’s dolls was my office in Turin where it was looked up from some collectors and recently the second stop has been the magic park of Villa Sassi where some clay children was chatting, having sun and relax on the grass.
In this occasion, there was a meeting between two professionals of the beauty: Margherita Grasselli and Michela Lageard, this one working on the refurbishment of Villa Sassi, a real landmark for Turin. At the first view of Margherita’s sculptures, the architect and her son Giovanni remained enchanted and so she proposed to me and she to organize an event in her studio garden, near the hill of Turin.
The real catalyst element of this amazing party has been Giovanni, the Michela’s son, that with his enthusiasm and smile has inspired Margherita to sculpt for the first time in Turin a kid of a son instead of a daughter. So Giovanni is born, that will debut in the gardens of Lageard Architettura, one of the most appreciated offices in the city, particularly for the research of new interior and outdoor environments, destined to be enhanced with artworks. A special thanks to Margherita for her commitment and to Michela for her hospitality, with the guarantee that in the Lageard’s garden on 12th June we will breathe a special air, a mix of art, nature and love for the beauty.


Margherita Grasselli


I met Giovanni a morning of April at Villa Sassi in Turin. Giovanni is a blond kid, nice, curious and soft, as I like, that as soon he had seen my sculptures scattered in the park, he started to watch them, going around them, to speak at them in his way. For Giovanni, to stay in their midst was normal, like they were his playmates. We knew chatting and sitting in their midst, me and him.
He decided who was his sister whilst we was placing on the grass Erika, Maria, Carolina, Elisabetta and Nicoletta; so he chose Erika with her long ponytails and a white crumpled dress on the shoulder.
He chose Erika maybe because she loved more history than math as him, and because his way to look and think of that sculpture was similar to him.
Watching Giovanni crouching there enraptured me, so I understood that was the moment to sculpt a kid, chubby, curious, a bit “wrinkled”, as I like. Like Giovanni is, with his attentive and insightful way to grab the world, but also a very dreamer.
An so, on 12th June 2019, finally "A CHILD IS ARRIVED".


Photo ©Fabio Oggero

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