Michela Lageard founded her own studio in 2010 and is dedicated to all aspects of design: architecture, interior art, design and graphics. From the urban dimension to the attention to detail, it is not the measures that are important, but the quality of the space and the love for people and for the way they live.

What we do

Lageard Architettura provide construction, refurbishment and interior design services and lifestyle solutions. Our objective is to offer the client a beautifully finished product; exclusive, crafted and unique. Our “Italian Factor” is our ability to combine functionality and design achieving a stand-alone result.

How we work

Lageard Architettura believes that a successful relationship with the client determines the positive outcome of any project. Listening and responding to the brief, developing a functional and creative design concept with passionate attention to detail and creating and managing the team that can deliver the project on time and on budget. These are the cornerstones of our modus operandi.

The Team



Michela Lageard is an Italian architect with a proven track record of construction, refurbishment and design projects across a wide range of residential and commercial property and public buildings.

Today, a team of young and close-knit professionals work together in the name of quality and empathy, nonchalantly crossing the different scales of the project and integrating the disciplines with the common goal of conceiving spaces and objects that generate emotions