Cena in Convento

On 26 September, at the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, we had an event, organized by the non-profit organization “Minori e Futuro”, which saw the involvement of Chef Matteo Baronetto of Del Cambio restaurant. This event allowed to gather the resources necessary to include more small children, coming from fragile families, in educational facilities dedicated to them.

The dinner also offered an opportunity for students attending the professional diploma course "restaurant and bar service technician" at the Salotto Fiorito training agency in Rivoli, engaging them in the retsaurant service. The opportunity to work one evening with one of the greatest Italian chefs was a rewarding professional experience for these guys and an important credit to spend on their future.

The Minori e Futuro Association is dedicated to develop projects aimed at educative and personal growth with an in-depth knowledge of needs.

For the childhoods, the association, in collaboration with the "Mother and child coordination" and the volunteers, allows a continuous school attendance, with a personalized educational project, for children from fragile families.

For school-age children the goal is to help both Italian and foreign children by supporting all educational activities that help them to develop individual attitudes. The courses of music therapy, dance and sports activities are fundamental elements in a path of integration and development.

To help foreign alone minors, the  “Nuova Aurora” community is the key point of reference for its long and consolidated experience, which over the years has allowed the integration and individual growth of generations of children.

Lageard Architettura has enthusiastically contributed to this initiative by taking care of the graphic part, from the choice of the compositional elements to the layout. Specifically: a descriptive brochure was developed on a horizontal A4 in three columns and which contains all the information related to the event and the promoting association; a 60x75 cm panel printed on a rigid support used exclusively to mention the sponsors who contributed to the realization of the evening; the nameplates in square format 7x7 cm, which complete the graphic proposal, providing to the participant an original and useful element.

The contents of the graphics are intended to show a laid table, with a visual continuity given by the dishes divided in half, in order to resume the elegance and finesse typical of the Del Cambio restaurant. The soft and light colors aim to not weigh down the composition that in some parts is emphasized by the use of the association logo and the wine-colored lettering.



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