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The story

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An architectural jewel with more than three centuries of life.

Villa Sassi, on the road to Traforo del Pino 47, a short distance from the start of the "denture" to Superga, is one of the emblems of the country residences of the Turin hill.

It was built in the late seventeenth century and was originally called Villa Roddi, named after the ancient owners. The original structure was changed at the beginning of the nineteenth century when a new building was added on the south side.

In 1790 the architect, measurer and admirer Giovanni Lorenzo Amedeo Grossi, in his volume "Guida alle cascine, e vigne del territorio di Torino e suoi contorni", wrote that the complex was "constituted by a grandiose palace adorned in two parts with delightful gardens on an artificial hillock".

The Marquises Della Chiesa di Roddi and Cinzano kept the property of this splendid and elegant holiday residence located a short distance from the city centre until 1832, then they sold it to the knight Antonio Nomis di Pollone. The current 22-hectare century-old park that surrounds it, with monumental trees, lawns, the belvedere and the wild wooded belt, is the result of a nineteenth-century reshaping. Here, on some occasions, the refined minister and entrepreneur Cavour had taken refuge, whose incessant activity was relieved in the midst of the immense grace of paintings and interior furnishings, and that phantasmagorical green space outside, a real jewel that makes you think of the "Crown of Delights" of royal residences. Frequented by royal princes and crowned heads, it has always been a place dedicated to parties, dances and sumptuous dinners.

The renovation

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For some years now Villa Sassi has only lived on more than the memory of its fascinating past: the premises were now dusty and inadequate and only the majestic entrance to the park and the centuries-old trees preserved the past magnificence.

With the transfer of the property to GM Immobiliare there was a radical change in this decline and began an important restructuring that in this first phase was concentrated in the large halls of events. In the next few years the work will continue with the restoration and re-functionalisation of the entire large property complex.

The enhancement of Villa Sassi has been based on a conservative restoration of the authentic portions of the old house and on a total revision of the wings added during its long history. The large ballrooms, which were previously connected to each other but were characterized by different and uneven finishes, were treated as a single, airy space. But its flexibility has also been enhanced with the opportunity to host several events at the same time.

The external wooden doors and windows, which were last renovated in the nineties, have been replaced with large metal windows that allow panoramic views of the garden and the city.

The light colours, the technical shading curtains, the stoneware floors enriched with mosaic inserts and brass blades, the fabric upholstery, the restored antique boiserie, the blown glass chandeliers: all contribute to creating a fresh, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition, the lounges have been equipped with the latest audio and video technologies to accommodate not only entertainment but also congresses, corporate conventions, meetings.

In the images we have summarized the interventions of this first batch of works condensed in just three months of closure of the activity.

Villa Sassi was reopened on April 6, 2019 with a grand opening, distinguished guests some iconic car models of Ferrari.


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