Architectural and plant restoration of the Carignano Theatre

The renovation and refurbishment of the “Carignano Theatre” involved a complete structural reorganization of the listed building. On the main facade facing Piazza Carignano the wooden entrance doors installed in the 1930s were removed and replaced with a large Palladian window that had been the original design by architect Benedetto Alfieri. The strong link with the court’s history has been evoked by the stars (based on the Guarini's drawings present in the courtyard of Palazzo Carignano) reproposed in the new stairwells, in the courtyards and in the purple brocades of the new upholstery. Michela Lageard was responsible for the Final and Executive Design of the restoration, the furniture, and new technologies. In particular, she oversaw the reorganization of the stage tower with the advice of the technical director of the Teatro Regio of Turin, the director of the productions of the Teatro Stabile of Turin and with Maestro Rubertelli, the set designer of the San Carlo in Naples.


Location: Turin
Year: 2004 - 2009 
Client: Fondazione Teatro Stabile
Team: Project Architect Prof. Arch. Paolo Marconi, Base Engeenering s.r.l. (arch. Michela Lageard), arch. Giancarlo Battista, ing. Marco Bertagnoli, dott.ssa Gabriella de Monte, arch. Loredana Dionigio, ing. G. Gonnet, Itaca S.p.A., Migliore STASS Prof. Nicola Rubertelli
Works Costs EUR: 9.600.471,06 €



Foto © Tommaso Le Pera e © Giorgio Sottile gentilmente concesse dal Teatro Stabile Torino