Modular mobile seating

The actor’s suitcase is a seat designed for the Column Hall of the Carignano Theatre that required a flexible furnishing solution in order to allow the space to be utilized as both a foyer and as a conference room. The chair consists of a pouf with a collapsible backrest and wheels that can be transformed for easy mobility.

When the seating is closed, it becomes a modular component of a large geometric ottoman, the Guarini's star, that can accommodate members of the public when the room is used as a foyer. By extracting the backrest, it becomes a comfortable armchair to attend conferences, meetings and more.

The project is part of the conservative restoration and general renovation of the Carignano Theatre that took place between 2004 and 2009.

Year: 2011
Client: Private
Team: Arch. Michela Lageard (Base engineering s.r.l.), Arch. Loredana Dionigio