Construction project for a biomethane production structure.

Foligno biomethane is an innovative project to produce biomethane, a green fuel that provides energy, heating, and compost, an excellent alternative to the chemical fertilizers.

It is a structure with a good sustainability value for the environment and the economy, but it is also an industrial and massive structure for the surrounding area. 

Our engagement concerned the coordination of all architectural choices for the structure: in terms of finishes, green areas, distribution and furnishing of the receptions and offices.

The external walls of the operative buildings, as well as the administrative buildings, has been realized with colored paste concrete, using earthy colors, enriched with inert and panels with different levels of finishes, from smooth to rough, and adding some false joints that decompose the facades. The chromatic treatment of mahogany color, as well as the roughness of the surfaces, has been strongly increased to harmonizing the building in the surrounding area, camouflaging it with the brown color of the cultivated grounds of the winter and integrating it with the colors of the summer vegetation.

A strong attention has been also paid to the external areas in terms of planting, use of lighting and materials.

The intervention included also the directional signage and the communication of the workmanship processes.


Pictures© Fabio Oggero

Location: Foligno, Perugia
: 2017-2019
Client: Asja Ambiente Italia Spa