Restoration of the noble floor of the Palazzo della Luce

The former Enel Building -‘Palazzo della Luce’- has been the subject of a refurbishment project organized in two distinct phases: the redevelopment of the portion of the building facing via Santa Maria, destined for a single tertiary sector operator, and the configuration of mixed-use units in the remaining parts.

The images are related to units 7th and 8th. Both units are on the first floor (the noble floor) and overlook Via Bertola and Via degli Stampatori.

Unit 7 - Residence

The real estate unit has been converted from office space to a private residence, consisting of a kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Unit 8 - Dining Hall

Renovations were carried out to comply with the existing regulations regarding public entertainment venues. The hall will be used for exhibitions, events and receptions and activities open to the public for a maximum capacity of 250 people. Considering the architectural importance of the building, all the works were carried out paying the utmost attention to its historical and artistic value that defines its uniqueness.

Location: Turin
Year: 2013-2017
Client: Private
Team: Lageard Architettura, Studio Vairano